Work life calling!


Work life calling!


What type of job are YOU looking for?

With our help you can become employed on varying positions flexibly throughout the different stages of your life – whether you’re a student, on a hiatus, freshly graduated or simply entertaining the thought of a change of scenery.

When employed through us, RTK-Henkilöstöpalvelu Oy will be your employer and caretaker that is always sure to handle payment of salaries in a reliable and dependable manner. But be sure not to be alarmed if you are hired directly to one of our hundreds of client companies – we recruit people directly on their pay rolls as well.

It is always you whose hands are steady on the wheel of your career – we at RTK-Henkilöstöpalvelu pave the way.

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Inspiring job opportunities

What are your skills and what are you good at? Have you already got a profession?

We at RTK-Henkilöstöpalvelu offer job opportunities on various industries, ranging from building, logistics, industrial services and service businesses to accounting and business management. Our recruiting network covers all of Finland enabling us to provide inspiring job opportunities on different parts of the country.

But what could those “inspiring job opportunities” be? After all, we are all different and find inspiration in different things.

The job that suits you best might not actually feel like work at all!


Seize the opportunity!

At times there just isn’t enough time to write every single detail about you in your job application.

You can send us your application as detailed or comprehensive as your situation calls for – we will be in touch with you whenever interesting job opportunities are open near you. Or even further away if that is part of your plan.

As we already mentioned, you decide your direction. We’ll help you with the process towards the job that interests you.


Genuinely reliable employer

The well-being and rights of our employees are important to us – our goal is to be a great employer for you.
On our payroll you will be entitled to occupational health care from day one. Salaries are paid according to the collective labor agreements. We follow all the laws relating to working hours and work safety.

Every employee receives a thorough introduction and support throughout the employment is a no-brainer for us.


Receive help with application process

All our services directed at job applicants are 100% confidential and completely free of charge.

Annually we employ hundreds of workers on varying industries. We have received positive feedback from our employees, that all things relating to employment have gone smoothly – no matter what everyday working life throws in front of us.

If you have anything to inquire regarding your employment or contractual matters, our professionals are here for you.


Top 5 employee references:

1. Through us you will be employed quickly
2. Our personnel are approachable and skilled at helping people
3. You will get personal assistance and flexible channels for communication
4. We find the right matches for job applicants
5. We handle all manners relating to employment reliably

Throw your cares away and leave an application!

Apply via our channels and reach hundreds of possible employers with a single application. Our professionals will find the job that best fits your values and life situation.

Be sure to remember, that as an employer we aren’t satisfied with simply providing an avenue for employment, but also take care of your well-being by providing occupational health services as well as exercise and culture benefits.

Why? So you can focus on your work day giving your best effort each and every day – as we do at RTK-Henkilöstöpalvelu.

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