Opportunities for companies

Extensive and versatile employee register Reliable recruitment process Quick services with high quality Knowledge of clients’ needs

Opportunities for companies

Extensive and versatile employee register

Reliable recruitment process

Quick services with high quality

Knowledge of clients’ needs

Efficient and fair HR and recruitment services

RTK-Henkilöstöpalvelu is your specialist in human resources providing you with local and personal services.

With us, you gain access to our long experience and extensive network of employees. We fulfill your needs for employees by finding professionals competent in the exact skills necessary for a given task – and we do it quickly, reliably and competently.

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What kind of a professional are you looking for?

Your needs for personnel may be subject to a lot of fluctuation based on demand, or maybe you suddenly need a temporary substitute to one of your employees. We can also help you find permanent employees and organise recruitment training if no suitable professionals are otherwise available.

Producing HR services with a personal and reliable approach is the cornerstone of our operations. We know the employee market in our operating areas and have built extensive networks among different agents in the local business life. We are the most active employer in our area of influence and provide our services using the most current recruitment methods and channels.

Get familiar with our service array and find opportunities for excitement!


Staff leasing

We help companies in many different industries find employees. We help you find professionals for a multitude of tasks in sectors such as the manufacturing industry, logistics and storage, construction, building engineering, and services, and for office and financial management jobs.

We draw up an agreement with the employee, which means that you will not have to worry about the statutory duties of an employer, such as paying salary or providing occupational health care services. You will be responsible for familiarising the employees with their tasks, informing them about occupational safety and health issues, and supervising them at their work.


Recruitment services

Our recruitment specialists are also available to you when you are recruiting more permanent workforce to enhance your company’s operations.

We always tailor our services to your personal needs. We can take care of the entire recruitment process for you or help you by performing reliable suitability assessments on prospective employees or completing other areas of the recruitment process. We serve you whatever your recruitment need may be, from practical work tasks all the way to hiring senior executives.


Suitability assessments

Our highly trained recruitment specialists use a variety of reliable, competence-based assessment methods and tools.

By selecting suitable assessment methods, you will gain more confidence in making significant recruitment choices. You can also make use of our suitability and personnel assessment service in managing, developing and motivating your staff.


Recruitment marketing

Recruitment marketing refers to effectively enhancing a positive image of the company as an employer and improving its attractiveness within the network of professionals and clients in the industry.

We build your recruitment marketing around the narrative of your work community, and the results of these efforts are easy to measure as the number of high-quality job applications sent to your company.


International recruitment

With the help of RTK-Henkilöstöpalvelu’s international recruitment specialists you can find workforce from abroad to fill your needs. International workforce will support the development of your organization by offering an avenue for potential growth in the future.

In addition to our strong know-how in domestic recruiting, we can provide our clientele with the expertise of our international recruitment specialists, a dependable global network and carefully selected contacts which enables us to reach and identify the right professionals.


Subcontracting solutions

Subcontracting enables improving the efficiency of your current operations and helps your company grow. As subcontractors, we develop, resource and plan different processes and business activities for our clients.

Subcontracting brings flexibility to your company’s fixed costs and provides an opportunity for constant development of your business.


Recruitment training

If you need more workforce and are unable to find anyone qualified for the job or need to train prospective workforce before the start of their employment, the recruitment training provided by RTK henkilöstöpalvelu/RTK HR Services may be the right choice for you.
We offer a well-functioning model and have active relationships with a number of education institutions and public sector bodies such as TE Offices and ELY Centres.

We can also provide you with a comprehensive turnkey solution that includes organising necessary training, applying for additional funding if needed, and supplying your company with new, qualified staff.


Fair and dependable partner

We look after the best interest of our client companies and employees alike. Our aim is to succeed in bringing together jobs and the best persons for the tasks.

We serve as a long-term partner for companies, developing services with a client-driven approach.

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