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Avoimet työpaikat


Avoimet työpaikat

Avoimet työpaikat

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We are looking for welders in Finland.
Welding metod: 141 TIG, 135 MAG and 131 MIG.
Job description:
Working with different types of steel, welding stainless steel, reading technical drawings, welding mechanical parts, laser cutting, standarts-compliant welding, grinding, drilling.
Salary: 2100 €/month/netto
1 year experience, communicative English, valid welding certificate, Covid vaccination.
Working time is 40 hours per week. Duration of the work is 6 months and more.
If you are interested in this position, fill open job application on our web page.
For further information contact our HR Specialist Juraj Pasmik: (juraj.pasmik@rtkhenkilostopalvelu.fi / +358 50 432 0816).
We, in RTK-Henkilöstöpalvelu, are constantly looking for professionals of all kinds of fields of work. Many job opportunities never end up being opened for public, because the first step we do to fill up the search is going through our open applications.

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